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Author Image Monday, 2 October 2017

Chính thức phát hành SQL Server 2017 tới người dùng

Sau một vài phiên bản RC đươc tung ra, hôm nay MS chính thức phát hành SQL Server 2017 tới người dùng thông qua kênh tải Visual Studio cho các tài khoản subscriber. Dự kiến kênh MSDN sẽ có file tải sau

Các thay đổi trong SQL 2017

SQL Server 2017 Database Engine

SQL Server 2017 includes many new Database Engine features, enhancements, and performance improvements.
  • CLR assemblies can now be added to a whitelist, as a workaround for the clr strict security feature described in CTP 2.0. sp_add_trusted_assembly, sp_drop_trusted_assembly, and sys.trusted_asssemblies are added to support the white list of trusted assemblies (RC1).
  • Resumable online index rebuild resumes an online index rebuild operation from where it stopped after a failure (such as a failover to a replica or insufficient disk space), or pauses and later resumes an online index rebuild operation. See ALTER INDEX and Guidelines for online index operations. (CTP 2.0)
  • The IDENTITY_CACHE option for ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION allows you to avoid gaps in the values of identity columns if a server restarts unexpectedly or fails over to a secondary server. See ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION. (CTP 2.0)
  • A new generation of query processing improvements that will adapt optimization strategies to your application workload’s runtime conditions. For this first version of the adaptive query processing feature family, we have three new improvements: batch mode adaptive joins, batch mode memory grant feedback, and interleaved execution for multi-statement table valued functions. See Adaptive query processing in SQL databases.
  • Automatic database tuning provides insight into potential query performance problems, recommends solutions, and can automatically fix identified problems. See Automatic tuning. (CTP 2.0)
  • New graph database capabilities for modeling many-to-many relationships include new CREATE TABLE syntax for creating node and edge tables, and the keyword MATCH for queries. See Graph Processing with SQL Server 2017. (CTP 2.0)
  • An sp_configure option called clr strict security is enabled by default to enhance the security of CLR assemblies. See CLR strict security. (CTP 2.0)
  • Setup now allows specifying initial tempdb file size up to 256 GB (262,144 MB) per file, with a warning if the file size is set greater than 1GB with IFI not enabled. (CTP 2.0)
  • The modified_extent_page_count column in sys.dm_db_file_space_usage tracks differential changes in each database file, enabling smart backup solutions that perform differential backup or full backup based on percentage of changed pages in the database. (CTP 2.0)
  • SELECT INTO T-SQL syntax now supports loading a table into a FileGroup other than the user's default by using the ON keyword. (CTP 2.0)
  • Cross database transactions are now supported among all databases that are part of an Always On Availability Group, including databases that are part of same instance. See Transactions - Always On Availability Groups and Database Mirroring (CTP 2.0)
  • New Availability Groups functionality includes clusterless support, Minimum Replica Commit Availability Groups setting, and Windows-Linux cross-OS migrations and testing. (CTP 1.3)

  • New dynamic management views:
    • sys.dm_db_log_stats exposes summary level attributes and information on transaction log files, helpful for monitoring transaction log health. (CTP 2.1)
    • sys.dm_tran_version_store_space_usage tracks version store usage per database, useful for proactively planning tempdb sizing based on the version store usage per database. (CTP 2.0)
    • sys.dm_db_log_info exposes VLF information to monitor, alert, and avert potential transaction log issues. (CTP 2.0)
    • sys.dm_db_stats_histogram is a new dynamic management view for examining statistics. (CTP 1.3)
    • sys.dm_os_host_info provides operating system information for both Windows and Linux. (CTP 1.0)
  • The Database Tuning Advisor (DTA) has additional options and improved performance. (CTP 1.2)
  • In-memory enhancements include support for computed columns in memory-optimized tables, full support for JSON functions in natively compiled modules, and the CROSS APPLY operator in natively compiled modules. (CTP 1.1)
  • New string functions are CONCAT_WS, TRANSLATE, and TRIM, and WITHIN GROUP is now supported for the STRING_AGG function. (CTP 1.1)
  • There are new bulk access options (BULK INSERT and OPENROWSET(BULK...) ) for CSV and Azure Blob files. (CTP 1.1)
  • Memory-optimized object enhancements include sp_spaceused and elimination of the 8 index limitation for memory-optimized tables, sp_rename for memory-optimized tables and natively compiled T-SQL modules, and CASE and TOP (N) WITH TIES for natively compiled T-SQL modules. Memory-optimized filegroup files can now be stored, backed up and restored on Azure Storage. (CTP 1.0)
  • DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL is a new class of securable, supporting CONTROL, ALTER, REFERENCES, TAKE OWNERSHIP, and VIEW DEFINITION permissions. ADMINISTER DATABASE BULK OPERATIONS is now visible in sys.fn_builtin_permissions. (CTP 1.0)
  • Database COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL 140 is added. (CTP 1.0).

SQL Server 2017 Integration Services (SSIS)
  • The new Scale Out feature in SSIS has the following new and changed features. 
    • Scale Out Master now supports high availability.
    • The failover handling of the execution logs from Scale Out Workers is improved.
    • The parameter runincluster of the stored procedure [catalog].[create_execution] is renamed to runinscaleout for consistency and readability.
    • The SSIS Catalog has a new global property to specify the default mode for executing SSIS packages.
  • In the new Scale Out for SSIS feature, you can now use the Use32BitRuntime parameter when you trigger execution. (CTP 2.1)
  • SQL Server 2017 Integration Services (SSIS) now supports SQL Server on Linux, and a new package lets you run SSIS packages on Linux from the command line. For more information, see the blog post announcing SSIS support for Linux. (CTP 2.1)
  • The new Scale Out for SSIS feature makes it much easier to run SSIS on multiple machines. See Integration Services Scale Out. (CTP 1.0)
  • OData Source and OData Connection Manager now support connecting to the OData feeds of Microsoft Dynamics AX Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. (CTP 1.0)
SQL Server 2017 Master Data Services (MDS)
  • Experience and performance are improved when upgrading from SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, and SQL Server 2016 to SQL Server 2017 Master Data Services.
  • You can now view the sorted lists of entities, collections and hierarchies in the Explorer page of the Web application.
  • Performance is improved for staging millions of records using the staging stored procedure.
  • Performance is improved when expanding the Entities folder on the Manage Groups page to assign model permissions. The Manage Groups page is located in the Security section of the Web application. For more information about the performance improvement, see For more information about assigning permissions, see Assign Model Object Permissions (Master Data Services).

SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services (SSAS)

SQL Server Analysis Services 2017 introduces many enhancements for tabular models. These include:
  • Tabular mode as the default installation option for Analysis Services. (CTP 2.0)
  • Object-level security to secure the metadata of tabular models. (CTP 2.0)
  • Date relationships to easily create relationships based on date fields. (CTP 2.0)
  • New Get Data (Power Query) data sources, and existing DirectQuery data sources support for M queries. (CTP 2.0)
  • DAX Editor for SSDT. (CTP 2.0)
  • Encoding hints, an advanced feature for optimizing data refresh of large in-memory tabular models. (CTP 1.3)
  • Support for the 1400 Compatibility level for tabular models. To create new or upgrade existing tabular model projects to the 1400 compatibility level, download and install SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 17.0 RC2. (CTP 1.1)
  • A modern Get Data experience for tabular models at the 1400 compatibility level. See the Analysis Services Team Blog. (CTP 1.1)
  • Hide Members property to hide blank members in ragged hierarchies. (CTP 1.1)
  • New Detail Rows end-user action to Show Details for aggregated information. SELECTCOLUMNS and DETAILROWS functions for creating Detail Rows expressions. (CTP 1.1)
  • DAX IN operator for specifying multiple values. (CTP 1.1)

SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • As of CTP 2.1, SSRS is no longer available to install through SQL Server setup. Go to the Microsoft Download Center to download the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services Release Candidate.
  • Comments are now available for reports, to add perspective and collaborate with others. You can also include attachments with comments. (CTP 2.1)
  • In the latest releases of Report Builder and SQL Server Data Tools, you can create native DAX queries against supported SQL Server Analysis Services tabular data models by dragging and dropping desired fields in the query designers. See the Reporting Services blog.

SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services

SQL Server R Services has been renamed SQL Server Machine Learning Services, to reflect support for Python in addition to the R language. You can use Machine Learning Services (In-Database) to run R or Python scripts in SQL Server, or install Microsoft Machine Learning Server (Standalone) to deploy and consume R and Python models that don't require SQL Server.

SQL Server developers now have access to the extensive Python ML and AI libraries available in the open-source ecosystem, along with the latest innovations from Microsoft:
  • revoscalepy - This Pythonic version of RevoScaleR includes parallel algorithms for linear and logistic regressions, decision tree, boosted trees and random forests, as well as a rich set of APIs for data transformation and data movement, remote compute contexts, and data sources.
  • microsoftml - This state-of-the-art package of machine learning algorithms and transforms with Python bindings includes deep neural networks, fast decision trees and decision forests, and optimized algorithms for linear and logistic regressions. You also get pre-trained models based on ResNet models that you can use for image extraction or sentiment analysis.
  • Python operationalization with T-SQL - Deploy Python code easily by using the stored procedure sp_execute_external_script. Get great performance by streaming data from SQL to Python processes and using MPI ring parallelization.
  • Python in SQL Server compute contexts - Data scientists and developers can execute Python code remotely from their development environments to explore data and develop models without moving data around.
2 Phiên bản hiện tại bao gồm Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Developer và Express cùng với đó là 1 phiên bản dùng thử. Liên kết tải trực tiếp từ Server của Microsoft bạn có thể tìm thấy tại đây
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition:

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Evaluation:

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express:
Link OneDrive + Checksum SHA-1

I, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Developer

1dd2287e189e4de4bbefd4fddbdeaacaa1f34e01 *
800629309f27805c34ddee8b7d492011b49d5705 *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-CHS.exe
6bbf019edae11a7307ebbe30260fb991ce025681 *SQLServer2017-x64-CHS-Dev.iso
d652150e228502d0c1a2547452e122c9e4f0a23c *
3b05ceb1d860db572db1f80615ae447779e35b0f *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-CHT.exe
add8dda04ec5ff732bd0ec9fd997ace8d59cfe8a *SQLServer2017-x64-CHT-Dev.iso
3. English
121de1ded7d843242549f5aac6596f80991f3f0a *
4a62d9753da45c56bf0d02ade3851dff4d96a812 *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-ENU.exe
0280ff6c1447d287a6bd3b86b81e459fe252d17a *SQLServer2017-x64-ENU-Dev.iso
4. French
b73c2e989f88132e3afebbbb0431e6218a098c8a *
37e8cdd350badbc63ed85c35846a4b3f4ec258fc *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-FRA.exe
e0ca84fcd792bc809150421b6329ea67e683d402 *SQLServer2017-x64-FRA-Dev.iso
5. German
cdbe59bb7591498f8d22da43dea2ae990259414e *
603deb261c1e1ee0c8144ce76fb4b5f368c6e9c3 *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-DEU.exe
d05b0411555b5d2aa852c6fe56fd0b64876eb0fe *SQLServer2017-x64-DEU-Dev.iso
6. Italian
e807e8103216dbd8ebcf667881eb75f822610d3b *
86289fc7e075d8d5f4f473e59190b496832f355e *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-ITA.exe
02ef001259c7e38630ab3972671a277c45f1f0bb *SQLServer2017-x64-ITA-Dev.iso
4b94a3ecc87186961220b1997be7107643989e00 *
8291735e2e2108259c01ff31296f1b3072579e5a *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-JPN.exe
97ea614ef15f29b6fb0d0e7a1e555a7fd0c335e1 *SQLServer2017-x64-JPN-Dev.iso
8. Korean
150158195fe1fc9bd850d3278f1cb31d683510c5 *
419330481660cc0b9558355869297aa033880cb3 *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-KOR.exe
f3651a9415558c72468f5e926e978976b5aabf04 *SQLServer2017-x64-KOR-Dev.iso
07784e1dbb00c0ccfd5e96a92d41710aa719e68d *
bb219356a40685d5802c4b72871574f4839024e8 *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-PTB.exe
e5874e78c4a3196531d5914fd5bdb257c80bb335 *SQLServer2017-x64-PTB-Dev.iso
10. Russian
82a9bedb414412d87c635986b1f8851ba13a6165 *
471a807f85ad98827775672a4edc117b14ac532d *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-RUS.exe
3e49ca7da6c1f190ae263d35da13bd16a0409b54 *SQLServer2017-x64-RUS-Dev.iso
11. Spanish
d6d25722434c6cfead30f7011d5c458409845afd *
875a2cf45bb1a046e64bb0128ee914f4c66b8e6d *SQLServer2017-DEV-x64-ESN.exe
150f4a279e2c530e18dd703d3ed4e5dacddb3ee5 *SQLServer2017-x64-ESN-Dev.iso

II, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express

1. Chinese-Simplified
17f9c8e76695645984cbf5ee77ff6ce7e14ef99d *SQLEXPR_x64_CHS.exe
3a32531a1804d6a5320bf23fa2bc94e5e46ef11c *SQLEXPRADV_x64_CHS.exe
1833fc9c1ae58fbed87e74a598ebba80ab1e8eeb *SqlLocalDB.msi
2. Chinese-Traditional
953517f3d0fd45b4b32b2a5a5615eaa2ade67fd8 *SQLEXPR_x64_CHT.exe
7ca5745ebd43de06e8e847ba905f85134bc368a9 *SQLEXPRADV_x64_CHT.exe
9a49bf22d1651a151b2316b9028965d80685f069 *SqlLocalDB.msi
3. English
e0a5a388255244f1f5eb2fbf46bdc7292f7e3d8e *SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe
fd03655905b80d6c9ee34d13fb9dfc62b0f12213 *SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe
71321559eff923066799d7fc26b6c7aedd41eee1 *SqlLocalDB.msi
4. French
a91865ab3ed354da745204f60d93154754f53430 *SQLEXPR_x64_FRA.exe
513e017e14d57ef1bfc35ea38cdba476c1fd5e0b *SQLEXPRADV_x64_FRA.exe
5f9888d61cb4c28f3a3efd7174c50cfce4f7b561 *SqlLocalDB.msi
5. German
15f5b3d7a9528c8df61ff41d9d340893b903b7ea *SQLEXPR_x64_DEU.exe
61d97611fc9a7cd77ab08200aa01c58c92561782 *SQLEXPRADV_x64_DEU.exe
25095185d02afeb5417f9d3f22dd75f4cea0665c *SqlLocalDB.msi
6. Italian
8fec3d4054b62057a25276078e2ae90b9e561711 *SQLEXPR_x64_ITA.exe
79182e117fc63b9f9e65a33d2ee427ac47f34e4d *SQLEXPRADV_x64_ITA.exe
7a089ba6e9e90e6a1ea174221e3925be83c5f646 *SqlLocalDB.msi
7. Japanese
a5d5ce7f9b40e30dd75d9fe2427d3746c81e9e02 *SQLEXPR_x64_JPN.exe
d26b5b9bdceda50a57ec03198e2712b84c26f913 *SQLEXPRADV_x64_JPN.exe
a8092b342816ddd36988d9c29624aa9c91ee4217 *SqlLocalDB.msi
8. Korean
5a95444dded9c50c4e6c36d88052d2182305ac53 *SQLEXPR_x64_KOR.exe
ef311a9443343669cf0fca339a4f168bbe9bb07b *SQLEXPRADV_x64_KOR.exe
75f5af14f53c5757245051f8f255d3f59439181e *SqlLocalDB.msi
9. Portuguese-Brazil
f26052dd2a16b25d1fc21323d0f01efd12537c19 *SQLEXPR_x64_PTB.exe
f0d213628be678b0185409efb19e08f9df1ef28d *SQLEXPRADV_x64_PTB.exe
f29c31e48ffc6fc0950caf88a08637bc2c9b4e19 *SqlLocalDB.msi
10. Russian
bc86960b22be03ce84149a77709e7fbaa69a899c *SQLEXPR_x64_RUS.exe
57899c2fdad675712675418be224411e68a84187 *SQLEXPRADV_x64_RUS.exe
5dcff82139477988f4b89564dfed82f7beb53db1 *SqlLocalDB.msi
11. Spanish
80f1330334586347d53e1b30f35e187f9a7286b7 *SQLEXPR_x64_ESN.exe
87579bb9624788af0bdd64c88643bcfd0b464b83 *SQLEXPRADV_x64_ESN.exe
b3dd4de0569205ba74a749d4881ae3769e9fe355 *SqlLocalDB.msi

1. Enterprise Core
File: en_sql_server_2017_enterprise_core_x64_dvd_11293037.iso
Size: 1546244096 bytes
MD5: 172D85FCAAA121A061B82193CB90E54F
SHA1: 739A6F5E6E90C87BCE1B3F1B43F2CBDD0F51658F
2. Developer
File: en_sql_server_2017_developer_x64_dvd_11296168.iso
Size: 1546244096 bytes
MD5: 67A5FFD3789C3D01821443C994C66D1A
SHA1: 0280FF6C1447D287A6BD3B86B81E459FE252D17A
3. Enterprise
File: en_sql_server_2017_enterprise_x64_dvd_11293666.iso
Size: 1546244096 bytes
MD5: 69F8311173E54B4C899A58E56BE21853
SHA1: 76A67B830A62ED25DF4B66E60C75B6798083C6C0
4. Standard
File: en_sql_server_2017_standard_x64_dvd_11294407.iso
Size: 1546244096 bytes
MD5: ED7128B1B88953D1B08A7C1ACFA8D928
SHA1: 1CF8C5BBDD303529E53D54265CEFA49A66BD8C22
5. Web
File: en_sql_server_2017_web_x64_dvd_11293612.iso
Size: 1546244096 bytes
MD5: 38B634C513A713FEC93055F68444D105
SHA1: ED39A478C6223E282CD729E1007E9630DF6D623C
6. Express
File: en_sql_server_2017_express_with_advanced_services_x64_11301593.exe
Size: 745384984 bytes
File Version: 14.0.1000.169
SHA1: FD03655905B80D6C9EE34D13FB9DFC62B0F12213

File: en_sql_server_2017_express_x64_11301593.exe
Size: 289058768 bytes
File Version: 14.0.1000.169
MD5: 409D2384684CD6A45C64BDD5414FBF24
SHA1: E0A5A388255244F1F5EB2FBF46BDC7292F7E3D8E

File: en_sql_server_2017_localdb_x64_11301593.msi
Size: 48230400 bytes
MD5: D180AE500607F6EAE8942EAA285D8A06
SHA1: 71321559EFF923066799D7FC26B6C7AEDD41EEE1
Enterprise Core : 6GPYM-VHN83-PHDM2-Q9T2R-KBV83 
Developer       : 22222-00000-00000-00000-00000 
Enterprise      : TDKQD-PKV44-PJT4N-TCJG2-3YJ6B 
Standard        : PHDV4-3VJWD-N7JVP-FGPKY-XBV89 
Web             : WV79P-7K6YG-T7QFN-M3WHF-37BXC 
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