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Author Image Saturday, 19 November 2016

Microsoft System Center 2016 Original


*Note: MSDN = VLSC

1. Data Protection
  File: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2016_MultiLang_DPM_MLF_X21-21038.ISO
= File: mu_system_center_2016_data_protection_manager_x64_dvd_9231242.iso
CRC-32: aab7e51e
   MD4: eea8f4141f00e8c27929c1652dca8a25
   MD5: 413f4054cd33e7b1dd61882228d1d5e4
 SHA-1: 889cd19289ea46609ff7933e09835eb0815ee29e
2. Operations Manager
  File: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2016_English_OpsMgr_MLF_X21-16497.ISO
= File: en_system_center_2016_operations_manager_x64_dvd_9216830.iso
CRC-32: 1ac477f4
   MD4: 0c5d84e2f6842ba2256daea87a52c26d
   MD5: aec623ac67dca48803046cfa180c91c1
 SHA-1: 7f75ea9af59aa4343c9e6ec69d9f665cb47528f3
3. Orchestrator
  File: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2016_MultiLang_Orch_MLF_X21-16453.ISO
= File: mu_system_center_2016_orchestrator_x64_dvd_9216539.iso
CRC-32: 16e27df7
   MD4: b85fd7424c0ce7c7323b2cd3cd6c2a38
   MD5: 079bd2264476aa184442e0dffaddf7bf
 SHA-1: b3d57e5dd5e761a3dff3a619ca87b96c427e010c
4. Service Manager
  File: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2016_MultiLang_SvcMgr_MLF_X21-16457.ISO
= File: mu_system_center_2016_service_manager_x86_x64_dvd_9216786.iso
CRC-32: 4f93f404
   MD4: 559099b2ad27d381552237b930694c97
   MD5: 3b540f131e52fe99cb4224a0bcdde112
 SHA-1: 2d60204c831c0c50521a384ad8deac5fb893d356
5. Virtual Machine
  File: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2016_MultiLang_-2_VMM_MLF_X21-23484.ISO
= File: mu_system_center_2016_virtual_machine_manager_x64_dvd_9368503.iso
CRC-32: 38dde5e9
   MD4: 79d69c46fefef5fb3a295e889dd61840
   MD5: 250550fc87fb8e49a61fca61c69a829c
 SHA-1: 0a2b8eb66fe20e3136f113850a680cd08751553c
6. Configuration Manager, Version 1511
Product (Full Name): System Center Configuration Manager, Version 1511 (x86, x64) - DVD (Multiple Languages)
Product Family: System Center, Version 1511
FileId: 66807
File Type: DVD
Language: Polish (PL)
Architecture: x86
File: mu_system_center_configuration_manager_version_1511_x86_x64_dvd_7295963.iso
SHA1: 945a15b2cddfb6bd08e6c74b20a704bf14014afb
File Size (MB): 1295390720 bytes (1235 MB)
Date release: 2015-12-03
7. Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection (version - 1606)
Product (Full Name): System Center Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection (version - 1606) (x86 and x64) - DVD (Multiple Languages)
Product Family: System Center 2016
FileId: 70908
File Type: DVD
Language: Japanese (JA)
Architecture: x86
File: mu_system_center_configuration_manager_endpoint_protection_version_1606_x86_x64_dvd_9678361.iso
SHA1: 516fe93e4fdbf79b001e1da07a6a491f633cb785
File Size (MB): 1297797120 bytes (1237 MB)
Date release: 2016-12-15
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